Naming Grace Event Pictures
A naming ceremony event for Grace Watson Lane

An event or group venue with a difference

With so much land and so few neighbours Camp Full Monte is ideal for hosting events and “happenings”. Special occasions have included naming ceremonies, wedding celebrations, birthday parties, working parties, open days & bonfire nights. Take a look at our Camp Full Monte facilities page for more details about our venue. We also have a page summarising our group holiday offers. Then, use the Camp Full Monte booking enquiry page on our website to contact us about your needs.

Event catering - Lamb cooked under the ashes
Lamb Ispod Sac

Typically we prepare a barbeque, light a campfire in the evening and if event numbers are sufficient we set up our spit roast and serve charcoal roasted lamb. At the very least we try to prepare a local traditional dish of Lamb “ispod sac”. Chunks of lamb and potatoes roasted in the campfire ashes under a metal “bell”. Yummy!

2 thoughts on “Events”

  1. Todd and Cat
    Todd and Cat

    Hello Steve and Den!

    Full Moon Party July 3rd! We are so excited to be able to come and help out.

    updates to our travels soon.


    1. Hi Guys! We’re excited too. 2nd August is a Full Moon too so we could move it a little to the Friday night & make a real party of it! Hope your plans are coming together. See you in the sun soon!

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