Camping Holidays

Camping holidays at Camp Full Monte are simple and comfortable

What we love about camping holidays is their simplicity.  But ‘simple’ can still be comfortable.  We offer a unique Montenegro camping experience. Pitch your šator (tent) on one of the cleared terraces, maybe by the stream or even under the trees in the oak woodland up above the main camping area; or take advantage of our ‘just bring a toothbrush’ packages and hire a fully equipped tent from us.  And if you want to combine being in nature with a little luxury, then treat yourself to a Montenegro ‘Glamping’ holiday experience at Camp Full Monte.

Camping holidays get you closer to nature

The joy of nature

Being really present in nature brings unending joy – watching butterflies flit about and lizards bask in the sun; hearing a rustle and tracing it to a tortoise plodding about; marveling at the colours in the sky and on the rocks as the sun moves down.  If you want a break from the sun, flop into a shaded hammock or relax on the sofas in our shady outdoor lounge.  Being naked in nature can make you feel even closer to the earth. The feeling of freedom, sun and breeze on skin, unencumbered by clothes is unbeatable.

5 thoughts on “Camping Holidays”

  1. Hey Denise and Steve,

    We are back home and wishing we wernt:-)
    We absolutely LOVED camping at the Full Monte. Its so much more then camping, its chilling out, letting your hair down, taking your clothes if you feel like it, being at one with nature and being happy…..sigh….. I miss those fresh veggies, the big blue bees, the view from the kitchen, you guys and of course Daisy…..
    I will e-mail some pics from our stay!

    Love&hugs from Marieke&Jonathan and kids

    1. Ahhh – just wondering whether you got home ok?! Glad you did & hope you met other great folk along the way. Camp Full Monte was a better place with you all in it – we loved sharing space with you & seeing the kids (and even sometimes the big kids!) wide-eyed with wonder at nature’s treasures! Here’s to edible flowers, to fun evenings sharing life stories and to your wonderful kids running Daisy ragged!!! Cheers to you all & come back some day…

  2. Hi, my name is Dan and I live in France and would love a week of peace in a tent. Could I have some more info on you single tent please?
    Kind regards

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